Friday, June 21, 2013

The Nature of Today's Energy 6.21.13: The Ghost of Christmas Past

Friday 6.21.13:

After the moment of rage and depression, I return fresh and new, with the intent to create solution rather then destruction.

The card of the day is the Six of Cups. The hidden energy card is the Devil. The card sits in the position of Dandelion = vitality, empowerment, and perseverance.

There are moments where we must speak up and then there are moments where we must be calm. As a human being, we wish to be heard.

If something is wrong, change your environment. Change your thought process. Change your outlook.

Understand that no one has control over your level of happiness. I can not stress this enough. We tend to lend out our energy to those around us, that will abuse it, and in turn blame you for their downfall.

What is a healer to do?

The process is simple. Aid as much as you can and if they show signs of Vampire-ism, then pull back your energy!

Memories will linger back into your life, today. Past relationships may haunt you. I must learn to process my Karma. It will be present today. Actually, it is always present, we just choose to not deal with it, and in turn it causes us dis-comfort.

Have a rat in your house? Got a fox sitting next to you?

Look to the cards around you to see if there is a solution to the issue. This method is used with Mlle. Lenormand cards.

The past can come back to haunt you but you must stay strong. If the past wishes to make itself known then you can also use your past lessons to demolish that nasty ghost. What have you learned?
Where did you come from?
Did your past kill you? Are you dead?
Why are you worried then?

The past will always repeat itself. Wars will still be waged. Chaos has to exist in order for us to understand change and that we can overcome any obstacle set before us.

Memories keep us going. We live to laugh again in the sunlight of a perfect summer day. With friends. With family. With  the one you love.

To return to a person that we were in the past is useless. They did not know the wonderful and great things you know now. This Mystic is finally coming to terms with the chaos that is around. No matter what, I still exist. No matter how hard the Big Bad Wolf blows, my house is built with cement and bricks. Source has supplied me with a solid foundation and the tools needed to create. I have found them. Hiding beneath the dirt and mud of things that have passed.

Let old flames be ignited. Let the ghost of Christmas past be present and known. Let us journey into the unknown together and understand that we are strong, we are beautiful, we are love.

Blessed Be.

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