Thursday, June 20, 2013

The Nature of Today's Energy 6.20.13: Tools of Change

Wednesday 6.20.13:

The card of the day is the Magician. The hidden energy card is the Hierophant. The card sits in the position of Angels = Spirit and guidance.

I sure do need a little guidance right now.

This Mystic wants to go home. I always state this. I am tired. This Mystic needs a safe harbor. A place to rest. To be whole again.

That place is Ventura.

Have you ever been challenged by the darkest night? The deepest black hole?

Have you ever found yourself struggling with a decision that is to have this huge impact on your life? 

Have you ever noticed that it turns out to be part of the greater scheme of things? It was not the great obstacle to get over. It was simply part of the obstacle course. 

When people train to be survivalist within the great wide open, I am sure they are given some supplies to get started. What if you had nothing? 

What if you were stranded on an island with no supplies? No knife, no phone, no food, and certainly no pot to cook with? 

Sometimes I feel as I am on an island. Searching for the right tools to simply survive. 

What if no tools were needed? 
To set sail on a piece of plank. To just jump into the ocean and know that things will take place for the better. Kind of like the adventure I am having at this very moment. 

Should I jump into the ocean and see what takes place? Or should I stay on the island and wait?

What could I be waiting for? A sign? A glimmer of hope? 

Listening to your inner voice can be hard. It is scary. To have so much Faith in what is unknown. In what could take place? 

The funny thing about it, is that either way, you will not fail. 

Whether you stay and try to work it out or get up and leave with just a pack of Tarot Cards, you will not fail. 

No one can make or break you, except your own Ego. Nothing is set in stone. 

Sometimes people of this world worry about their jobs and security. Can I state something? 
That job that you are working at is not secure. It can let you go at any time. You can get up and leave at any time. You may have to put your letter of resignation in, due to the fact that you have to leave the state. The life you are living at this moment may change, you will have to stop working, and then what? 

Life still pushes forward. You still exist. You are still breathing.  The stage is set and the performance is still happening. So why worry? 

Take your first step. 

In my life, there has never been a person, that stated to me they knew exactly what they wanted to do at 22 and they are living the dream. That dream can be shattered. 

The Mystic understands that change is always happening and when you get set in your ways, then Source is there to break down the security of that wall. Today should have been the Tower card. Destruction of that which has held us to the ground. 

I may be tired. I may state that I am tired but one thing is for sure; This Mystic's lantern will keep on shinning. That fire will always burn. 

Maybe I just needed a small change of course and now it is time to head home. Return to that which I tried so hard to get away from. Now I know that Ventura was a great place. That the bored part was simply my inner spirit needing a little bit of change. To see how strong I am. To see just how great of a Tarot reader I am. Verification of that awesome spiritual side. The only difference between me and a person going to an ashram, is that I decided to meditate and be enlightened in Austin, within the grit and grime of life. The light within the dark. 

I know that this is to be positive but even the greatest Mystic gets the blues. This will pass. It must start with a step. A step into the unknown and the Faith that it will all work out for the better. That there is good. 

Blessed Be. 

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