Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The Nature of Today's Energy 6.26.13: A New Environment of Great Thought

Wednesday 6.26.13:

The card of the day is the Two of Swords. The hidden energy card is Judgement. The card sits in the position of Fairies = Environment, playtime, and enchantment. 

It feels weird to wake up and face the fact that I do not have to punch into a clock at 8 a.m. 

Now the choice to stay or to go, is on my mind. There are moments in life when you have to choose a different path. Two paths set before you. One is of dark and the other is of light. Both will lead you to your destination. The real question is "Which one will be going with the flow of energy and which one will move against it?"

When I decided to leave my current job in Austin, I started to walk home and felt...happy. 

I could feel the path become clear again. I could feel the pressure, to conform, leave my environment. I was free. The details will work out in my favor. The stress of what is to come, was not on my mind. I understood one Truth: If I believe everything will work out in my favor, then it surely will. 

There is no pain. There is no anger. I move forward and things are good. All is as it should be!

Maybe the choice to stay or go is not really a choice. Maybe it is not a question, as to which path will benefit me the most. 

Both paths will create happiness. One may look dark and scary, but so did the choice to leave California in the first place. The path will be made clear. The light will shine on everything and everyone. Even those who appear to hurt you. Even with the decisions that were made. Forgiveness starts within you. 

I forgive my self for trying to shut up my inner voice. I forgive myself for not listening. I forgive myself for stopping the flow of my existence. 

Even the Mystic can be blinded by the light of glimmering things. 

I think that we need a catalyst, so that we have to choose a certain path. We have to move forward and when we cling to things that have no meaning, we need someone to pry our hands from it. 

Be calm. Be love. Know that we must take a stand and create. Create power. Create change. 

When we get frustrated, it is our inner voice, advising us of our own spiritual strength. 

We can move mountains with such little Faith. 

Maybe we need a little bit of playtime, to create the inspiration and thought, that will lead us forward. A new environment. A moment to just forget about the problems that are present in our life. No matter what, things will work out, and all things will be made whole. Sickness and discomfort are simply the warning signs that something is not right. 

Sure, I am scared of what the dark path may contain, but I do know that I am protected. I will surely be guided past the pit falls and booby traps, set on my path by my Ego. 

Laugh at your Ego. 
State to it the very Truth, that we are deserving!
Deserving of great things. Deserving of everything working out in our favor. 

I want to post this before the decision is made on my right, as a gay man, to marry the person that I love. 

A new thought will come into action and I predict that the decision will be made in the favor of gay rights. A right to marry and be happy. A time of enjoyment. A time of great hope. 

Even if they decide to state we are not worthy of marriage, things will turn over in our favor, for the people are coming together to state "Enough is enough". 

Eventually life will move on and with every great moment of progress, people will move on to a new project, a different change. 

We progress forward. We move with great intent. I think that the government will know when they have to conform to the movement of the Universe. 

Blessed Be. 

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