Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The Nature of Today's Energy 6.25.13: Meditation with a Smile

Tuesday 6.25.13:

The real adventure begins when the chord is broken. When we strive to move past the norm, then we perceive that, the greatest outcome is possible. Life begins to unravel. We move forward with our true dream, with our true desire. 

I was faced with a decision. A choice. The choice to place one foot forward. The choice to exist. 

There are moments in our life, where outside influences try to snuff out our flame, and we must struggle with the choice to give in or burn bright. 

Sometimes the Mystic has to figure out what the true lesson is. Where the good is within their life. 

The door from one opportunity closing has opened up another. 

The card of the day is Four of Swords. The hidden energy card is the Sun. The card sits in the position of Mirrors = Truth revealed. 

Truth has been revealed. Good is in front of me. Good is within my life. The path has been revealed and I am to walk back to where I started. What is to come next?
I only know that it will be of good. That Source will provide. 
All things are perfect within my life and through this wonderful state of existence, life flows forward with the intent to create. 

I am scared. 

I am scared of what is to take place. The obstacles that may arise. My Ego is screaming at me, "What the heck have you done?"

It is advising me of the mistake rather than the possibility. It is advising me of what can not take place. Of what negative items may take place. 

I have to turn to my affirmations. The intent to move forward with my greatness. This was a true test, for within the process, I found my voice. I found my inner strength. I understand that all things work out for the best. All things are positive. The balance of polar opposites must take place. 

I am coming up with nothing else. It is almost as if I have nothing to state because I am not upset with my decision. 

The Four of Swords is how I feel. I feel like sleeping for a thousand years. I want to wake up renewed. I need to meditate. To return to my practice and be inspired. I have training in a week to learn Reiki I and II. This will add even more depth to my gift. My gift of reading spiritual signs given to us by Source and applying them to our every day life. This life of greatness.

Blessed Be. 

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