Monday, July 1, 2013

The Nature of Today's Energy 7.1.13: Spiritual Adrenaline Junkie

Monday 7.1.13:

The card of the day is the Four of Coins. The hidden energy card is Temperance. The card sits in the position of Amethyst = psychic abilities and behavior patterns.

Have you ever wondered what happens to us when we decide to go against the flow of energy? 

Our spirit screams with a great alarm and bangs against our bones. It rattles us to the core. The only thing to do is listen but our body thinks this pain and discomfort is normal. 

When I decided to leave my temporary job (I see all of my day jobs that pay the bills as a temporary job, because I am simply working to work), I had to work through my Ego. It was advising me that if I did not work a normal job, then I would die and not exist. 

I had to laugh. I had to really listen to my spirit and ask "will I die if I am not working?"

My spirit returned with an answer "NO".

Who was I to believe more?

Sometimes the only path you can take is the one that is set before you. Sometimes you can not see what is behind the mountain that sits in front of you. It may scare you as you think of the worst case scenario. There could be a cliff or a gap so wide that you surely will have to turn around and start over. That you will have climbed it for nothing. 

Then, I begin to think about a rock climber. Their only motive is to reach the top. It is not to get to the other side. They look at the view, climb back down, and proceed to plan the next great adventure.
The rock climber is only looking for the recognition, from their inner self, that they are strong enough. 
To be strong enough. 
Are you looking for the same thing? 
Or are you climbing the mountain for someone else?

Either way, you will reach the top, look down at what is before you, and understand that it was the best adventure in the world.
I guess you could call me a spiritual adrenaline junkie. Always wanting to jump off the cliff, like the Fool card, in order to get a rush from that first step into the unknown. I do not think I am alone but I do think that there are those out there who think the same as me. Who leave jobs every so often because their spirit advises them to. Who move from one place to another, hoping to find their way home. Sounds familiar?

Do not give up hope. When I first recognized this pattern in my life, I thought there was something wrong with me, and I proceeded to push against the flow of energy. Then I began to meditate and really listen to Source. I was the connection that energy needed to flow through. I know now that everything works out in my favor and in turn I can be that beacon of hope to others. To aid them in knowing that if they decide to jump, then they will be okay. That the mountain is simply a mountain, and the top is a moment of clarity. Proof that they are strong enough to tackle the next one.  It may be small. It may be bigger. One thing is for will not kill you. Take that step. Move. Let the energy guide you. You have to sometimes give a lot to get a little. You have more than enough to give. Plus the pay off is magnificent. It may look small but it packs a great punch. 

Blessed Be.

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