Sunday, July 21, 2013

The Nature of Today's Energy 7.21.13: The Black Sheep

Sunday 7.21.13

The card of the day is the Hierophant. The hidden energy card is the Tower. The card sits in the position of Past Life =  gift and review. 

I was thinking of relationships today and how we are sometimes withdrawn from certain ones. How we separate out self from family and friends in order to find out who we are. 

As we get older, relationships become valuable, and we decide that it is time to connect. 

To connect to those who have grown. We have grown. 

Sometimes we need chaos and destruction to cause us to see the true value of love. The true value of a relationship. There are moments in our life that we must move past. 

The lessons we have learned are present. As we move from one destination to the next, we find that life does not stop, it keeps on moving. 

This entry is a little late. This entry may be a little short. 

I want to talk about the character of the black sheep. We may think that we are not welcome within the circle of sheep that are around us. That we are outspoken. That we are not the same. 
We are. 
We are all sheep. We are all human. 
Some may try to distance them self from the norm. Others will try to change appearance and shape to fit in. 

In the end there is only a change in thought. Do not struggle. Keep on moving. Keep on believing. You are unique. In the end you will find that it was all about perception. 

We must all value the relationships we have now. Value them for what they truly are. A reflection of you. 

Blessed Be. 

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