Sunday, August 11, 2013

The Nature of Today's Energy 8.11.13: The Greatest Gift.

Sunday 8.11.13:  

The card of the day is Ace of Swords. The hidden energy card is The Tower. The card sits in the position of Astral Travel = Vital Force, information, and Dream Time soul travel.

The weekend entries have been short. That is okay. The message has been created with Truth. 

The clouds are parting. The wind is blowing. The Sun is setting. What happens next?

A new week begins. The cards must be drawn. Flipped in sequence and turned with great delight. 

We have had a great week. Frustration was found in the beginning, but with a little effort and positive thinking, we found peace and comfort. 

There are times when you forget the tool of destruction that you have hidden in your back pocket. You forget that change is constant and that we are always moving. No matter how hard you wish to stay the same, the heavens are circling your very own force of nature. 

You are the brightest star. You create the good in your life. 

I have been advising you of this. There is only good in your life. See it. Recognize it. 
It may be small in nature. 
It may be small in size. 
It is not weak. 
You can move mountains. Try. 
The week ahead looks great. It is your turn to roll the dice and receive your good. 

Destruction is a good thing. The fall is a blessing. A lovely blessing in disguise. Without it, you would have never found the strength to achieve the impossible. 
And that is the greatest gift in the world. 

Blessed Be.  

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