Monday, August 12, 2013

The Nature of Today's Energy 8.12.13: Let's Make a Deal

Monday 8.12.13:

The card of the day is Four of Cups. The hidden energy card is The Star. The card sits in the position of Travel = journey, path, and location. 

Are you feeling lost on your path?
I know that I can feel a little confused and misguided. The path can sometimes change mid step. It can become a dead end zone or twist down a path of destruction. It can look scary. 

What do you do?

When the path is unclear. When things just look muddled and clouded. You must step forward. 
Push on. Move in a circular motion like the moon and stars. 

Today speaks about the illusion of that which sits before us. The path may have changed but are you willing to move with that change?
Are you willing to cross the river that is before you?
It is not deep. 
Even if it was, you would still survive. Believe me, the spirit can breathe under water. 

The energy is taking on many answers. So many to choose from. Which path should you choose?

So many questions. 
Be silent. 
Be still. 

The spirits are always speaking. They talk to you through feelings. They speak to you through signs. 
If you were to wait a moment, lose the fear, and listen; then surely you will receive an answer. 

Can you hear them?
Move to the left. Look to the right. 
Take Shelter!
A storm is brewing!

No matter. The answer can sometimes be simple. Just like the much needed items from last week, it can be small in size. There will be a moment of choice. This week will be like the game show "Let's make a deal". 
"Are you going to take the money in my hand or pick what's behind door number 3?"

It was based off of pure chance. The answer was sitting in front of you, within the hand of the show host, but you could choose what was behind the door and take a chance. It could be a new car or a mule. 
I always play it safe. I would have taken the cash. 
Funny how I would play it safe, when I always take what is behind door number 3, with my spiritual journey. I usually give up the security of physical items and go for the gamble of what is behind the door. It is always good. No "Wah, Wah" allowed. Everything is beneficial with spiritual lessons. 

Blessed Be. 

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