Thursday, August 1, 2013

The Nature of Today's Energy 8.1.13: There is Only Good Within Your Life

Thursday 8.1.13:

The card of the day is Nine of Swords. The hidden energy card is the Devil. The position that the card sits in is Blue = communication and Inner Truth. 

Sometimes we must work through our own issues. We must jump the wall that we have built. There are moments in our life that cause us to worry. How can we work past this? How can we work past the frustration?

I know that I use positive affirmations. 
Simple statements that remind my current state of existence, that I am worthy of only good. 
I must make decisions based out of faith and the understanding that my life is good. 

With every ounce of pain, with every ounce of change, I have to accept what is being given. Accept what is there in front of me. I make it positive or I make it negative. Really it is only a circumstance. A reaction to the thoughts I have been producing and placing on the river of light and love. 

There are those that may not agree with this thought. There are those that may think we are living a dream. 
We are! 
A dream that we create. We are co-creating with Source. We have preference. 
We are in control of our level of happiness. No one else has control. They may have influence but not control. 

The cards speak of worry, doubt, and fear. Abolish these words from your mind, so that you can move forward with the good in your life. Some may state that you must have both good and bad. Yes, there must be a balance, but what happens after the state of balance is obtained. Are you going to keep thinking of the bad or think of the good? 
That is the next decision. 
Are you going to constantly put chains around your wrists like the picture in the Devil card? Are you constantly going to give into the statements of "I am not worthy. I am not good enough. I am unloved"?
It is time to allow the energy to flow. To propel you to that wonderful state of existence. To allow things to take place. 
To state "Wall. I know you are there for a reason and that reason is of good. If I am to move past you, then I allow it take place. If I am to wait, then I allow it to take place. For I know that only good will come of this. That you are only of good and love."

State this out loud. Replace the word "wall" with "obstacle" or with "Ego". It is only there to test your ability. To test your self worth. How worthy are you? 
You are worthy of great and powerful things. Did you know this?
You are worthy of happiness. Did you know this?
You are worthy of love. 

Do not worry, or worry, but know that you will be fine. Know that you are within alignment of your Divine Path. Once you acknowledge this, then the path will reveal more of itself. The wall may still stand in front of you, but you may grow wings to fly above and over it. You may create a path around it. The wall may produce a door that you can move through. It just may take a little time and concentration on the good within your life. You will see. It will happen. 

Blessed Be. 

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