Tuesday, August 13, 2013

The Nature of Today's Energy 8.13.13: The Key is Found

Tuesday 8.13.13:

The card of the day is Awareness = The Magician. The hidden energy card is The Moon. The card sits in the position of Full Moon = completion and culmination. 

Round and Round. 

The energy is about completion. Movement in a circular motion. The ending of certain cycles and the beginning of a new one. 

The Magician brings about the recognition of Tools. 

A Tool that you have been looking at and stating "What the heck is this for?"
Yes. What is it used for?
Sometimes the key is simply a key that opens a door in the near future. Do you discard it in the trash?
Something is advising you to hold onto it. You forget about it and also you forget where you have put it. 
When you return, you find, that the tool is no where to be found. 

Hmmm. Where did you put the damn thing?
I know! I know!

It is right where you left it!
Yes, it is a simple answer and also the most obvious. 
You will see it when the time is right. 

My friend Beatrice was advising me, the other day, that she had lost her keys. She turned to her patron saint Anthony for a little help. She said she looked for her keys in the freezer (which is a weird place to put them, but I do not question the actions of my friends) ten times. After a little bit of prayer, she returned to the freezer once more, and there the keys lay. In plain sight. Right in front. They were ready to be found. 

This is what the day shall bring. You may look for that key or tool all over your spiritual house. You may even attempt to look in the same spot many times. In the end, when your spirit is ready, the key (tool) will be found. 

Remember that it may not look like what you had intended it to be. It may be taped together. Held in one form by a single hair. The item will work. It will be used. It may be a one time shot or it may work for you again, later down the road. You must be thankful that it is still whole. 

There are items in our life that must break. They are no longer needed. They have no more meaning in our life. It is time to move on. 

The two constant items in our life are change and movement. You may think that nothing is happening but there is activity behind the curtain of your life. Hidden behind the shroud of Fate. 

It is time to state the unseen. 
"There is only good within my life."
"There is only love. "
"I am a wonderful and great person with the power to co-create my need in this life. That need is awesome. That need is great and I give thanks."

It is time to release your wonderful words of good into the Universe. It is time to use the key to open a new door. 

Blessed Be. 

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