Monday, August 19, 2013

The Nature of Today's Energy 8.19.13: Are You Listening to Your Ego or Intuition?

Monday 8.19.13:

The card of the day is The Universe. The hidden energy card is The Devil. The card sits in the position of Red = passion and survival. 

Have you ever stressed out over something small?

To look at what is "lack of"?

I find my Ego wants to point out the frayed ends on the fabric of time. 
Who cares if they are frayed? 

My Ego is trying to advise me to stop. To give up. Why try anymore?
Your Ego is probably doing the same. 
Do you keep on moving?

Some will state, "Well your intuition might be warning you and it may not be your Ego."

Very true. You must always listen to your intuition but let us look at how we are feeling. When your Ego is speaking you will feel worry, doubt, and fear. You will feel as if there is no hope in this world. 
When your intuition is speaking, with Divine Guidance, then you will feel as if something is out of place. Something is just not right and you need to move, create, or change. It is a different feeling. You will feel complete once the choice is made with clear intuition. Where as you would feel incomplete when the choice is made with the Ego. 

The cycle of doubt is coming to an end. The opportunity, that was hidden behind the curtain, will now be revealed. 

Will you be surprised?
Will you be reassured?

The good is being revealed to you every day, in every moment, through out your wonderful day. Take this time to receive what is needed. Once you recognize that you are worthy, within this very moment, then things start moving in a direction of love and good. 

Everything will work out in your favor. 
Doubt, worry, and fear will get you no where. 
They will keep you tied to the ground. It is time to fly. It is time to travel. 
Where do you want to go?

Blessed Be. 

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