Thursday, August 22, 2013

The Nature of Today's Energy 8.22.13: Visit the Past

Thursday 8.22.13:

The card of the day is Six of Cups. The hidden energy card is The Moon. The card sits in the position of Summer = taking action, fruition, and intellect. 

Memories of past choices are trying to take control of your thoughts. 
I find myself clinging to the past. Just holding onto it with great force. 
I do not want to let go because then I would have to give up something.
What if the person who walks by and finds it, picks it up, and that one item becomes their fortune. 

"Hey! What about me?"
"I held onto it for the longest time. Why are they benefiting from my hard work?"

Yes, this enters into my mind all the time. 

When you are putting yourself out there, in order to be noticed, you are faced with great obstacles. How am I to think?
Will I go to my dark place and think, "Someone else is better than me and will surely receive that job that was meant for me."

This is the easiest route to take, for a negative thought is much easier to believe, and we are creatures of habit. 
Habitual negative thinking. 

I must change my thoughts. 

There is always more than enough. 
The spirits are advising me to be patient. That the time to strike is going to happen soon but I must wait at this moment. 
Wait for the perfect moment. 

Every moment is perfect. 
Every action is right on time. 

Every step I take is within alignment of my Divine plan. 

It is time to review our past. What is hidden within it?
What lesson are you reviewing? The journey is always hard when it is requiring us to grow. 
The abundance is there. Love is there. 
All of our necessities are being fulfilled. 

Do not stay too long within the past. It can smother you to death. It will leave you confused and in grief. 

You must always view the past like a movie. You can view it at any time but do it as a third person. View it like an anthropologist, by taking notes on what is happening, and forming a manual for the traveler within. 

Blessed Be. 

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