Wednesday, August 21, 2013

The Nature of Today's Energy 8.21.13: Let Source Guide You on Your Path

Wednesday 8.21.13:

The card of the day is Authority = The Emperor. The hidden energy card is The Star. The card sits in the position of Dancing = self-expression and movement.

Are you keeping track of your goal?
The small twists and turns that keep you intertwined in the mischief of life. 

Which way are you headed?
Will you pick up the hitchhiker on the side of road?

It could be an angel. It could be a spirit guide. It could be the answer you have been searching for. 

When someone steps into your field of existence, they contain an answer to your question, that you have been asking for over a million years. 
The "Why".

The energy will be dominant. It will be Force. It will be male energy. 
The goal is set in the distance. Can you reach it?
Do you feel like you are in a dream sequence set in cartoon land, where you are running in place and the scene is moving behind you, while the goal is just within arms reach?

Yesterday, I was feeling this way. 

I am listening to Annie Lennox "Dark Road". When I moved to Washington for a short while, I use to listen to this song with my friend Nicole Catron, and we would feel a little better about the choice we made. The choice to be something spectacular. To be our whole perfect self. 

The song is about a person who explains her journey on the road of life. She is almost speaking to another person who wishes to love her. 
She speaks about the journey and how it may seem dark and at times she wishes to be whole again. 
The journey to her inner spirit is dark. Very twisted in nature and those who find it, may not find her at home, for she is out saving the world. 

To save this world. 

Sometimes our goal must be put away. Set high above on a shelf. To be looked at when moving through the spiritual plane with compassion. Sometimes you have to sacrifice one aspect of your life in order to aid another. Nothing is really lost. It only seems like a sacrifice. The goal will be fulfilled. It may take a year. It may take a century. It may even take a life time but you will reach it. 

The goal will be taken off the shelf and completed. What if the goal was not really the goal that you needed to complete? What if the goal was simply putting the goal on the shelf and moving forward?
This Mystic is moving a little to fast. That lesson is for another time and place. 

The energy is strong. Use it. Move forward with your dream. The dream to be you. Simple-old-everyday-you. The one who has always been present in the back of the room. The one who sits in silence at times, observing what is happening, in order to strike at the perfect time. 
Set a course on the map and allow Source to guide you on your journey. Prepare for the good in your life. Create joy. Create love. 
Express this through the simple tasks you perform. Make coffee for the whole group, not just for your self. Buy a stranger a piece of happiness. Give an extra hug to someone you love. Tell your partner that you love them. Tell it to them twice in a row.
The simple extra acts of compassion and kindness will push forward with force. They will reach their destination as well as you. With great intent you will be propelled in a direction of hope. In a direction towards the Star in front of you. 

Blessed Be. 

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