Wednesday, August 28, 2013

The Nature of Today's Energy 8.28.13: It is Time to Get Back on Your Spiritual Bike and Ride Into Your Sunrise

Wednesday 8.28.13:

The card of the day is the Eight of Coins. The hidden energy card is The Devil. The card sits in the position of Purple = Third Eye and clairvoyance.

Did you know that the information is there? 

All of your questions contain an answer. It is sitting within your beautiful self. 

The Eight of Coins speaks to me about moving forward. A new skill that you must learn. You have mastered one skill to the fullest and now you must add to it. I am going to take an example from my mystical book called "Even Mystics get the Blues". 

If you are a Tarot reader or a Healer then you can not learn only one aspect of it. You must try! try! try!
Even P!nk states it in her song. Or rather learn! learn! learn!

How many times have you fallen down when learning how to ride your spiritual bike? A lot of times. 
My spiritual body usually has a mystical bruise somewhere on it due to the fall. 

I am starting to venture out and learn additional skills to add to my spiritual resume. 
I can not rely on Tarot alone. Growth is calling my name and I have to answer. Opportunity is knocking at my door and I sure as hell have a nice brunch set up (on a side note I also have a whopping supply of champagne and orange juice, cause these two happy betches are about to come up with some spiritual prosperity.)

A person can get bored with the same old routine every day. I want more! 
I want more clients. I want more spiritual growth. I want to recognize my potential. The potential to be fantastic. 

You must always take on more skills. Add more jobs to your current resume as well. You should be a jack of all trades. You never know when someone will need a Wicked-tarot-Reiki-healing-energy-working-data-entry-person. 

But our Ego is stating that this is not possible. 
I know. 
It is nice to know that the Ego is reliable. 
That made this Mystic laugh. 

I can always count on my Ego to show up at the perfect time. Oh how I could kiss him. 

It is time for you to recognize your true potential. To see it manifest in the spiritual plane and be created in the physical. Use your Third Eye to see it. To see your good. Your dream is not far off. It is right within your grasp. Take it. Pick the fruit from your wonderful tree of life. 

Bruises go away. Cuts are healed and a scar is left behind. You recognize that you are a fighter. It is time to get back on that spiritual bike and ride off into the sunset..or rather ride off into your sunrise. 
The sun is surely rising. 
Do not give up. Do not lose hope. 
Tomorrow brings about the fear of what our Ego is stating to us. You may feel trapped tomorrow but keep this thought in mind,

"You may have fallen off your spiritual bike, again, but your legs are not broken and you are not dead. So get up and try again. "

Blessed Be. 

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