Thursday, August 29, 2013

The Nature of Today's Energy 8.29.13: Something Wonderful is Taking Place Behind the Curtain of Life

Thursday 8.29.13:

The card of the day is Eight of Swords. The hidden energy card is the Tower. The card sits in the position of Red = passion and survival. 

I want to touch briefly on what the day may feel like. You may feel like things are simply not working fast enough. That you are not getting anywhere, even though you are putting in 100% of your energy. The swords have fallen down and you are stuck. are never stuck. 

The swords may have fallen down and you are having to walk through them, but if you listen to your inner being, then you will walk through the danger without a scratch. 

The need to survive. The passion to break through and receive what is good. 
You can feel like you are stuck. 

The feeling is small and meek. It is not overpowering. You can make it bigger than what it already is. 
What if you simply allowed this feeling of "stuck" to exist. Sit within it. 
Open the front door and let it in and then follow up with opening the back door to let it out. Advise it that you will be fine. 

I have been feeling stuck since I have returned to Ventura. What is next? Where am I to go?
What am I to do?

I have been reading, reading, reading, and when I am done reading, I pick up another book and read some more. 

I am reading about crystals and grids. I am working with new tools. The information is there. I am never stuck. I simply am taking a breather. 

I am stopping to smell the roses. I am moving slowly through the field of swords, blind fold and hands tied, in order to make it to the other side. 
I am change. 

The movement may seem small. It may seem like I am standing still. 
My spirit is jumping up and down screaming, "You can do it!"

Always refer back to my statement of "It may look like nothing is happening but you may not see that something wonderful is taking place behind the curtain."

While you are singing your sad song of mishap, the stage is changing behind you. Can you feel it?

Sometimes all we have is a feeling. A feeling that something is happening but you can not see it. 

Do not give up hope. Keep your eye on your goal. This week may bring up more doubt and fear than usual. 
Work through it. Declare your good. Recognize it!
There is a celebration taking place on Sunday. I can feel it! 

Blessed Be. 

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