Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Nature of Today's Energy 9/15/11

  The Four of Swords.
I always think of rest. The womb. Relaxation. When I see this card it can remind of Death. Death is just transformation. We die a little everyday. We wake up to a new beginning and a new way of life. We have the ability to look within ourselves and find answers in our sleep. Then we wake up and move forward with our dreams and desire. Always remember that rest is a good thing. To relax on your bed and think about nothing can do so much good for your body, mind, and spirit. Take the time to relax, meditate, and give your body that much needed energy. Work on your chakras. Work on your thoughts. Work on just listening to your inner being. Get rid of the chatter in your head and listen. Do you hear it? It is your inner self speaking words of love and encouragement. Advising you to rest and then get up and create.

  All the relationships in my life contain value and worth.

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