Thursday, April 25, 2013

The Nature of Today's Energy 4.25.13: Movement

Thursday 4.25.13: 

One thing that I always have issues with, is when I pick a card of the day, and I receive the same card as before. I sometimes find difficulty in understanding what Source is advising me of. That is why I have developed the "#7 Spread". 
I was meditating one day and I was frustrated that I was having a hard time with understanding the card that I picked. I needed more information. I had the shadow card already figured out, but to pull from the position of the cards in a weeks reading, was leaving me with little or too much information. 
I had to find a meaning to the positions. 
My spirit guide started to speak to me and guided me on creating this wonderful spread for my weekly readings. 

Do not get me wrong, there are still times when I am confused, and need more information, but I soon start to pull from all the hidden meanings, that the cards take on for the week, and viola! Instant information. 

So, I am now going to speak about the movement that we all create, in this life. Also about the movement that we must take in the spirit world. Are they two different items? Not really. One could mistake them as different, but they really are the same in nature. 
We crave movement. We wish for it to take place. 

The card that was picked for the energy of today is the Eight of Wands. The hidden energy card is the Star. 

When I see the Eight of Wands, I think of a Tornado, that is non bias when causing destruction. It picks everything up and drops it in unexpected places. It can destroy that which holds us down and take us to new and uncharted territory (i.e. The Wizard of OZ). 
It rushes in at the perfect time and creates so much destruction, that we tend to only look at that which was broken and destroyed, but have you ever noticed what happens afterwards? 
It brings a community together, helps others call upon their neighbors, and also teaches us that life is precious. 

In the spiritual world a Tornado is ten times as strong and creates such an upheaval that our body feels as if we are on a roller coaster ride. When this happens in my life, I ask Source "What is in the Stars for me?"
I wish to have the destruction stop, so that I can have a moment of peace, to breathe. Spirit knows whats best for me. This movement is accelerated, in motion, and will serve me good, later in the week. Maybe on a Sunday, where we see the Universe's energy come full circle. 

As I write this entry, I am seeing a spell weaver, taking in energy, and casting out the intent of good...of love. 
A spell weaver understands what is required to create and manifest, that which is needed, and not desired. The spell weaver takes from the energy around them, tapping into the river of celestial greatness, and producing life.
Life to the dream. A spark of energy. 
It can take a lot of energy, or very little, and in turn the abundance is ten fold. 

In the end the movement that we see as a bother or a problem, is simply Source pushing us in the right direction. I know that my boat and compass are set for North, when I should be going South. The wind picks up and Source blows me to my true destination. I may state "Wait, I am not ready for South. What is in the South?" 
I may turn back in the other direction. What happens next?
Source sends the storm of the century. A Tornado. One that pushes me to the brink of Death, and after everything has passed, I end up heading South. I could have avoided all that Drama, if I would have only had Faith, and listened to Source's advice. 

What Tornado is in your life at this time, causing destruction, and taking you to a far off land?
Are you ready to let go of that which is holding you back?

There are times when I ask for the change to be created, but I am not willing to let things be taken from my environment, for I fear that I will be lost. That the items within my environment make me. Mold me. That I exist only because they are present. The Tornado is there to cause me to see that I exist without the items I hold in my fist. That I exist, period. I am that which I am...perfect at this very moment. Words are there to describe, Emotions are present to understand, and Energy is there to create existence. Our existence. Movement is that same energy. Just like a spell weaver understands, that energy is  neither good nor bad, it is the intent of the person that creates the negative and positive effects. 

Blessed Be. 

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