Friday, April 26, 2013

The Nature of Today's Energy 4.26.13: Standing Your Ground, Defense.

Friday 4.26.13:

When I was young, and the class decided to play dodge ball (which would be most of the time), I would always notice that one kid was fearless within the circle. He/she would not move from her spot, and taunt the other kids with the ball, making them throw it their way so that they could catch it. Remember when you caught the ball, you could call in a fellow player who was considered "out". Lucky for me I was on a team who had the best and brightest start athlete. 

School ground rules and regulations would set in and sometimes we are faced with the same issues that would happen on the playground. Someone not wanting to wait their turn. Someone who is not wanting to play fair. A star student at handball, who is winning every match, will not give up their title. A bully on the playground, taking lunch money from other kids. I see this sort of behavior within my life. Grown ups are simply big kids. Some carry the same thought and patterns with them into adulthood. The same tricks of the trade work on those who are weak. The same clicks move forward, either forming other groups in different social circles, or sticking together and moving from one pond to the next. Silly fishes. 

I am starting to get off the I will return to what the energy will be like, today. The one child who always caught the ball, faced the danger ahead of him, and came out with a positive result. This reminds me of the Seven of Wands. 
Defense. Standing your ground. 

The hidden energy card is the Moon. Unseen forces at work. Danger on the path of greatness. Spiritual forces advising us to keep moving. 

We must take on the spirit of that child. So brave. So willing to sacrifice the game, in order to bring another person in to the game. They had the guts to give it a try. To stand their ground, taunt the opposing side, and come out a Hero. And the children danced with glee. 

This can be our strength or our weakness. To be brave can cause us to win or to fall, in the face of danger. Brave is simply a word. Everything is simply a word, but it is the intent behind it that creates the experience. What are you fighting for? 
When are you needing to be Brave? To raise your hand and state "Why?"

You do not have to always put up a fight and be ready for the struggle. The defense mechanism, can sometimes be the state of calmness you are presenting. 

Is this mountain top worth fighting for? Are we simply standing our ground to prove a point that we know is wrong, but we do not want to admit it? Are we wanting to state enough is enough?

I think that the star athlete has only one agenda on their mind...catch the ball. So, should we have one agenda on our mind when faced with a struggle? 

I know that it is much easier to think of "I am calm", rather than "I will win this". There are no winners or losers in the game of life. There is only existence. 

I use to wish to be like that star player on the playground. I use to dream of catching the ball and understanding that I could do it as well. I sometimes would yearn to just have enough guts to try and catch the ball. I did once. I tried and I caught it, but then I tried a second time and failed. I gave up. I stopped trying because I did not want to risk being pegged with the ball, and in turn be "out".
I wanted to exist within the game.

What are you protecting? Why fight for others, when you are being attacked from all ends? Start with your self. Protect your spirit, first, then move on to others. 

As I started to develop my gift of reading tarot, healing, and psychometry; I found that I was a star player. I did catch the ball. I was willing to take a risk and try, when it came to spiritual matters. I am a star player in the book of life, and even if it is not on the dodge ball court, I am attempting to catch the ball, every time, on the spiritual plane by protecting my spirit. By defending my rights of existence. 

Blessed Be. 

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