Saturday, April 27, 2013

The Nature of Today's Energy 4.27.13: A Journey

Saturday 4.27.13:

Oh Dear. I waited till the very end of the day to write my entry. This will teach me a lesson. The lesson is to relax and let things transpire. I can relate to this card because it actually was about crossing over water. My partner and I decided to travel to this wonderful restaurant where they make everything with Doughnuts! Donuts?!

Yes, it was well worth the journey and in the end, I learned that just because it sounds like a novel idea, it may leave you feeling like a total piggy. 

Oh Lord...

The card of the day is the Six of Swords. The hidden energy card is the Sun. 

So much joy and prosperity was around me today. I was happy to be alive. There were some pitfalls here and there. A couple of minor waves in the water, but the precious cargo I was moving from one place to another, made it to shore. This will be short and sweet. My journey was not about the destination. It was about the people, places, and things that amused me along the way. It made the day go by so fast. Before I knew it, the clock was striking 10, and I was ready for bed. Energy moves in all directions...we move in all directions, but in turn we find peace at the end of the day. We manage to rest our bodies from all the small battles throughout the day. We recover with a small victory party. It may involve a doughnut hamburgers with bacon or a simple glass of wine. 

Blessed Be. 

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