Thursday, May 16, 2013

The Nature of Today's Energy 5.16.13: Finishing the Product

Thursday 5.16.13:

Sometimes our ability to finish a project, or to at least move it into the next phase, requires a little Faith. Intuition can be associated with Faith because you are having to listen and believe that a certain subject or experience will take place. All of this is done on the basis of a "hunch".

The card of the day is the Three of Coins. The hidden energy card is The Moon. 

The recognition of a job-well-done, should not come from others around you, but from your self. That is why you are trying to keep so many dishes spinning atop a  thin stick. The trick is to keep track of all of them, give a little push to keep it going, and move on to the next. Get the timing right and you will look like a pro. Get the timing wrong and scream "Op-ha!"

The dishes fell. So what! There are more. There are always more dishes to break. Hehe....

The project is never really over. The project is simply laid to rest at that very moment. It will need to be tended to. It will need to be looked at every so often, to make sure it is still spinning. To make sure it is still on track. 

What project is coming to an end? Who is recognizing your hard work?

I always state to other Light Bringers, that we burn bright, and shine at about 250% of our whole being throughout the day. We put our whole self, into a project, and at times have to bring in a little bit more energy, than others, so that the project can be born into existence. All that the Light Bringer asks, is that the person functions at their full potential. It could be 20%, 30%, or 100% but it is a requirement to work at that amount during the crucial time of completion. The Light Bringer will supply the rest. 

Who, in your life, is not functioning with their full potential? With their full existence?

It happens. The Light Bringer wonders what is wrong. What they have done wrong in the process of this wonderful project, and begins to doubt. 
Doubt must be eliminated from your mind's eye. 
It must be asked to leave. It must be crossed out. 
Know that there are times when you must take on the project, your self, and proceed with great action. The others will either catch up, or fall behind. That is non of your concern. 

Remember we are not doing this for the recognition of another...or are we? 

This project is taking place, so that you can be happy, feel happy, and be complete. 

Follow your still small voice, that sits within your spirit, telling you what to do next. To sit. To stand. To create. To transform. To heal. To 

Blessed Be. 

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