Wednesday, May 15, 2013

The Nature of Today's Energy 5.15.13: Universal Law

Wednesday 5.15.13:

There are many Universal Laws or Truths. They surround our very existence. We live. We die. We create by thought first, then manifest with great force. The seasons change. The leaves fall. Like attracts Like. 

So many Universal Laws that we follow, without thought or understanding, and question why things take place within our environment. 

The card of the day is Justice = Balance. 
The hidden energy card is The Star

The Justice card, related to the physical world, can mean jail, legal matters, the court system, and the police. 
In the spiritual world, it takes on a different form and shape. It can be related to past lives, karma, energy returning, the golden rule, swift action, and spiritual fairness. 

Fair. To be fair. 
Are you fair to those around you?
Do you judge others with a balanced scale?

The scale must always be updated and fixed. You must test your scale for accuracy. One good thought must weigh the same as another. One bad thought must weigh the same as another. One act of kindness must measure out the same. I am not stating, that you must treat each person with the same act of kindness. Same amount of compassion. 
I am stating that your eyes can not be clouded by other people's opinions. Other people's beliefs. Other people's thoughts. 

There is only one of you. One unique spiritual being that thrives on compassionate love. That lives, to simply shine. What is your level of shine?
It could be simple. A smile. A laugh. The thought of love. The thought of food. The act of sex. The act of simply being. Simply waking up in the morning and expressing your self to the fullest. With no thought or regard to those around.
Singing in the rain. Singing in the shower. Singing in the car. Singing in your mind. 

Simple acts can out weigh the negative thoughts. They can tip the scale to create balance. To create harmony. We produce so much more light when we are in harmony. When we are in balance. 

We are never to far from our goal. It is within reach. It is within our existence. We simply have to realize it. We have to be in balance with the factors that rotate around our very being. We must be in agreement. 

Agreement with that which is being given. Agreement with our spirit. Agreement with who we are and what we stand for. 

What do you stand for?

A time of change is always at our door step. A time of change is always within our reach. Are you ready to take on the role? The role of Fairness. Of truth. Of Justice. 

It can be tricky at times to distinguish between fair and not fair. What should a very positive person do, if they are faced with a decision that is not within agreement with their spirit? 
Do they use their scale to measure their level of happiness? 

No one has control over your level of happiness. They may influence it but they never can control it. 

Are you unhappy? 
Then do something about it. Stop complaining and take a chance. See what happens. I take a chance every time I feel that I am not within agreement of my spirit. Believe me, I learned a long time ago, that when you do not listen to your inner voice, then creation of a path of negative destruction starts to take place. As much as I love destruction, I do not want to experience that level of negative destruction in my life again. Now, positive destruction is another story. I love it!

The energy of today will lead you to that balance. That small point of harmony, that will shift your level of thought and action. It will allow your body to catch up with your spirit. To start a cycle of light. A cycle of love. 

Blessed Be. 

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