Friday, May 17, 2013

The Nature of Today's Energy 5.17.2013: Truth

Friday 5.17.13: 

Truth creeps in. We wait for it to take place, when all hope is lost. What happens when Truth is at your doorstep?

What happens when it is hidden? Hidden beneath the rest of the world and all of its lies?

Truth is a change in thought. A change in a different direction. 

What happens when a Mystic is tired of the crap? When he is the only one shaking his fist at the wrong, that is seen, within their reality? 

I think this is Bullshit!

A Mystic can only take so much crap and turn it into something beneficial. Crappy Fertilizer. Yes, I know, it helps everything grow. Helps everything bloom. Well, you can certainly use to much. Then what? Your seed becomes smothered. 

There are questions that swim around, throughout my day, and they require me to really take a look at everything that is going on. Why try? Why check in? No one else is checking in around me. No one else is wanting to see the huge hail storm that is headed our way. Kinda feeling like Noah here. Building a damn Arc, everyone laughing at the project, and in turn the rain starts to drop.

Did Noah have a smile on his face when that first rain drop was felt? I doubt it. I think he had a heart full of compassion, for those that were going to surely be transformed. 

The card of the day is Judgement or Truth. The hidden energy card is The Sun. 

The Truth shall set you free, is what I think of with these two cards. 
Happiness transpires from the release of lies. Today's entry is going to be very short. This Mystic is feeling the sludge build up, and frankly, my defense mode is to become like the beginning stage of the Hermit, and retreat into silence.

Blessed Be. 

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