Friday, May 24, 2013

The Nature of Today's Energy 5.24.13: Throat Chakra

Friday 5.24.13:

After attending a Tarot Meetup yesterday, I am filled with joy. We all talked about Tarot and the meaning of the cards. I rarely get to speak to other Tarot readers about, well, Tarot!

Anyways, I am on cloud nine right now, and I am remembering who I am. I miss that song. We use to sing it in church at VCSL. It always use to make me cry. To chant "I am remembering who I am". 

The preacher, Bonnie Rose, would add in different words during the pauses (i.g. love, truth, peace, joy). 

I miss Ventura. I miss my loved ones. 

The card of the day is the Throat Chakra. The hidden energy card is the Star. 

There are times in our life when we must speak about our dream. The dream to be free, to be happy, to simply exist. We have to communicate to Source, exactly what we want in life, and move forward with the expectation that it will take place. 

We have to remember our goal. To live. To be. 
We must let go of that which has no purpose in our life. Move forward with great intent. What do you want to do?

Today is about speaking up. Being heard. Advising those around you of what you desire. Of what you are worthy of. 
This is not the blame game day. You do not need to point out other people's faults. You only need to point out yours. You do not need to congratulate others first. You have to start with your self. Congratulate the spirit you have within. State to your inner self, that they you are loved. That you are beautiful. 

Speak with kind words. Let them fall on your soul with gentle ease. Get rid of the harsh remarks. 
Get rid of the negativity. 

I am not stating that this project is easy. For, I am guilty of speaking harsh things into existence, but I learned to recognize when I am doing this. 

The project for the day, or rather your homework, is to speak a kind word to your self first, then follow it up with a kind word to another person. Speak of Truth. Speak of love. Your goal will thank you in the long run. 

The dream that you wish to manifest into existence requires your joy and happiness. The positive thoughts and emotions propel it in the right direction. So, when negativity is spoken, the dream begins to lose momentum. It lingers in the Universe, like a lifeless comet. A rock drifting in zero gravity. Do you want it to be like the comet that burns bright across our sky? 
To move with great speed and motion. 

Your words of encouragement and peace will supply it with the needed energy to break through obstacles. The obstacle placed there by the influence of others. It is time to dismiss the fog that surrounds you. Time to manipulate the energy around you. Manipulate it for good. Change it to positive. Even if you were to change one thought in your day to a positive, the rest will surely follow. 

Blessed Be. 

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