Monday, May 27, 2013

The Nature of Today's Energy 5.27.13: Celebration

Monday 5.27.13: 

The card of the day is Three of Cups. The hidden energy card is Judgement. 
I always put a phrase or word in the title of each entry, to give you a short version of the days energy. It is the key word that must be taken in and understood. 

Celebration of what?

Why, today is the celebration of who we are. What we have created. The boundary has been set. The line has been drawn. 
If you cross this line, then you shall surely see what happens. 
This is not a threat but a warning. Free choice is being given. No one is stating that yo have to cross the line. This is as far as you are able to travel at this very moment in time. 

Have you set your boundary?
Remember that, yesterday, I met my partner's parents. He set his boundary. He set his line. He stated that they must accept the person he has become....happy. 
They now understand that he is not within the shadows. He is content with his wonderful life. He states to me that he is happy because he has found the love of his life, but I think he is simply content that he has found someone who accepts him with flaws and all. 

I set my boundaries a long time ago. The line was drawn in the sand a few years back and now I advise people about it. They can choose to cross it and in turn they find out that I will not budge. This is my mountain of happiness. They can either be part of it or be pushed off the edge. And I have pushed a many people off my edge. They are choosing to fall. They are choosing to cause conflict, rather than enjoy. 

I do not intentionally push them off, stating, "You have crossed it, now I must push you off". 
It is the movement of energy. If you cause discord, then the energy must be moved along. I will not allow you to cause blockage in my life. I will not allow you stay stagnant. You must move along with me or be forced to move in another direction. Wouldn't life be grand if everything just flowed? Allowed the flow of energy to take place in their life. 

Be careful though. Take caution. Understand that everything is not a fight. You must stand up for your right, but learn to process the energy, before moving it along. Learn to let go of that which does not serve you. 
Help it to meet the great Divine. Aid it on it's way.

It is time to wake up into a new state of existence. A new thought. A new way of living within the love that you deserve. You do know that you deserve love. That you deserve joy. Sometimes we have to take a step in the opposite direction, in order to process, and move, the energy that is stagnant within our life. Within our Chakras. Along our path of enjoyment.

Blessed Be. 

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