Monday, June 24, 2013

The Nature of Today's Energy 6.24.13: The Science of Spiritual Evolution

Monday 6.24.13:

Science?! Blah!

I am a Mystical Nerd rather than a Science/Math nerd. I like charts and equations that develop the soul. To find the answer to a mystical word problem excites me to no end. 

If John is traveling down a path of destruction and received four tools; One of fire, earth, air, and water, then how long will it take him to manifest his desire? 
If he decides to stay in one spot, will the tools be lost, and if so, then how will that impact his ability to create?

If I saw this on a test, in high school, I would have surely passed it. I would have turned to the class and said, "Oh, that is easy!"

I wonder what the formula would look like?

(The Moon/The High Priestess-The Sun)
         -------------------------------------     = Manifestation of Desire
                The Fourth Chakra

I will give you a little time to figure this one out. 

Just kidding. 

The science of spiritual evolution can look difficult, but with a little will power and faith, you will surely find the answer. You may not know the equation. You may not know the formula. One thing is for sure: the answer is always found within. 

The card of the day is Balance or Justice. The hidden energy card is The Moon. The card sits in the position of White = Source, Divinity, Enlightenment. 

This journey has a destination. There is a sign post ahead that reads "Welcome to _________"

Where are you going?
What level of spiritual evolution are you on?


Are you finding the element of Earth in everything you see? 
The Science of Spiritual Evolution is related to the seven Chakras. We move through phases, breaking free from the crowd, and moving forward with great intent. 

The body must follow what the heart and mind do. It will mimic the good that is put forth into the Universe. 

The path may seem dark. 
You will see the light. It shines within you. Let it out. Let it be seen. 

Use your spiritual gifts to move past the obstacles set before you. If love is your gift, then love the very thing until it is within the same vibration as you....within the harmony of peace. 

I think I always state that you must go with the flow of energy. I now understand that the statement must be updated. 

You must go with the flow of energy that is always moving towards good. Towards your greatness. 

Solutions are within your field of existence. You must reach out and pluck it from the Great Divine. It is presented to you within the falling of the leaves. Within the crashing of the waves. Our spirit is in tune with nature. How did we figure out our problems before the time of college, education at a school, and the Internet?

We learned from experience. We learned from those around us. We would seek out the wisest person in the village and ask for help. The greatest teacher you can ever have is the one who will simply nudge you in the right direction and allow you to figure out the answer. To have your very own A-ha moment. 

You will learn your lesson. It will become part of your bag of tricks. To know that you can create. To know that you are strong enough to move forward. To Trust that things will work out in your favor. 

The language of science, within the spirit world, is never finite. The formula you use on one question may not always work for the next one, even if it looks the same. Be kind to your spirit. Be kind to Source. The answer is there, but the confusion of life and all of its problems, can cause us to see only the question. 

I now understand that when I saw a word question, I use to freak out, because I would get caught up on the information that was useless. Find out what it is really asking for and use the tools you have to open the door. To open the gate. The gate to greatness. 

Blessed Be. 

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