Friday, August 9, 2013

The Nature of Today's Energy 8.9.13: Allow the Shedding of the Old Vessel to Take Place

Friday 8.9.13:

The card of the day is the Three of Wands. The hidden energy card is The Hierophant. The card sits in the position of Summer = Taking action, fruition, and intellect. 

There was a lot of opportunity within my environment today. It may not have come in the fashion of money. It may not have come within the fashion of major abundance. It did show itself within the details of my life. 

Opportunity can be slippery. It can be side swiping. It may lay beneath the cracks of the cement. It may sleep in the dark. Opportunity can be hidden behind the curtain. 

Following rules and regulations can be frustrating.
"If they only could see me in person and know that I am worth so much". 
This was my thought as I was taking a test. 

We have to jump through hoops every once in a while. We have to see what is on the other side of the ring of fire. The world can seem hazed. Flames and smoke can be scary. 
Do you think the Phoenix is afraid to transform?

I think that the Phoenix is tired of waiting around for the transformation to begin. The vessel is weak and the outcome is already known. I would be frustrated and think "Come on already! Change!"

I laugh as I write this because this Hermit can get very frustrated with the journey. I am only human. 
Even with all the packs of Tarot Cards, and Oracle decks, the answers all seem the same. Patience...

Why do we have to wait? 
I have gone over this before. 

Today is about recognizing the small detail of opportunity. Whether it is taking an Excel test to see how well you know it, or having just enough money to buy the ingredients in order to cook dinner for the night, remember that Source will provide. Everything happens for a reason, and that reason is always good. 

I may not have received that wonderful job just yet, but I keep reminding those around me, that it is surely my turn to receive great news. I think this puts me back in the mindset of "abundance of" rather than "lack of". 

We must always be prepared for the good in our life to be revealed, rather than wait for the next negative thing to happen. 
I wonder what life would be like if we were prepared for only good?
I think we would relish in the delight of great enjoyment. To know that Source is always providing. 

That wonderful job is there. Maybe it is hidden beneath the cement. Maybe it is being constructed behind the curtain. Maybe it is waiting for the cue from the orchestra to make its grand entrance. 
One thing is for sure. It is there. Your good is also present. You may not see it but you can feel it. When you become frustrated with what is being presented, then you should find the good within it, for you are surely on your Divine Path. Be like the Phoenix and understand that Transformation will take place. You simply have to allow the shedding of the old vessel to happen. 

Blessed Be. 

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