Thursday, March 6, 2014

The Nature of Today's Energy: It is time to have a Garage Sale.

Let me try something new. I feel like writing. I do not want to feel like I have to do it everyday. Writing about this wonderful spiritual journey can not have a schedule or time frame. 

I want to talk about the cards that were pulled for today. So much information and also so much change. Do you think there will ever be a day or year where change is not happening? Sometimes I wonder if one day the cards will say "take a day off because nothing is really happening."

I highly doubt that that would ever happen. Without change there would be no growth. I require the small things in life to take place in order for the greater push and shove of energy to take place. 

So here I stand. 
Small and meek. 

I think the great singer Carly Simon can say it better than I can, in her song, "Let the River Run"

"We the Great and Small
    stand on a star
  and blaze a trail of desire
     through the darkening dawn."

This inspired me to write. To write about the challenges every person must face in life. 

The cards speak of this change. It is the Tower that is the hidden energy card. 

It has been a while since I have put my thoughts into the ever present internet. 
I am always craving a change. I first started out, on this journey, to find love. To find that perfect person who would be everything I have ever wanted. I knew that I had to work on myself in order to allow that awesome person to enter into my life. 
After much work I found my partner in crime. 

Now I find myself wondering what I will do with my life. 
What I will do with my spiritual gifts. 

Anywho. Let us get back to the cards for today. I have decided to make a career change. Again!? 
Oh Lord! I know. I find myself still searching. I feel that it is not time yet to move out on my own and start my own business. There is much to learn. 
Maybe it starts with writing again. Writing about what I love. Writing about what I know. 

I know this:

The Tower card speaks about the creation of our four walls. I build upward and in turn, with age, everything must fall to the ground. 
I think of a garage sale when I see the Tower card. Actually I think of an Estate Sale. A person is forced to sell off the things that have been accumulated over the years. It is time to give them up. Usually I associate Death with an Estate Sale. As some would say "you can't take it with you". 

Source forces us to pawn, sell, and give away the very things that we hold onto. The very things that hold us back. We are forced to break down, piece by piece, and give it away. Give it to those who require it. 

Destruction is not a bad thing. It is good. One simply receives it with a bad taste in the mouth....I wonder what Crow tastes like?

Good grief. I am all over the place today. I sure hope that you, as the reader, will understand the words that are being stated. 

Your first step may seem scary. It always is. But if you simply take it, then you will find, that you have done something other refuse to do......which is to move. 

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