Monday, May 26, 2014

The Nature of Today's Energy 5/26/2014: Change in Direction

The spirits are telling me to write. So here I am looking at the blank page. They asked me to write back in March but after that one day I decided to stop. I think I needed a little bit more time of meditation and also review of my life. 
Where am I going?
What am I going to to do?
What do I write about?

I ask my spirit guide these questions all the time. The answer is always the same, "Write". 

In my opinion the spirit world can sometimes be very cryptic. It is kind of like the symbols that we see on the Freeway of our spiritual journey. The sign may simply have a turtle on it. What does it mean? Are the spirits advising me to slow down? Are the spirits telling me to hide?
Oh crap! Am I to seek out a turtle shell? You fly by the sign and wonder what will happen next. 
I wonder what will happen next?

I return to this blank screen and start to write my thoughts on the page. I have pulled some cards for the week, as usual, and there is information there. I find myself struggling with the signs that the cards hold. 

Let me start at the beginning. 

The cards speak of a change in direction. 
A change in plans. 
Today will bring a different off ramp. A different set of directions. 
In this day and age we have Google map on our phone or some sort of navigation application. It provides us with directions to our next destination. While you are moving forward it adjusts and recalculates the distance and duration of your travels. 
The cards are advising me that today will bring a recalculation of your spiritual travels. The directions are going to change. Source may lead you down a different avenue.
Do not worry. 
Do not be afraid. 

Sometimes we need a little bit of detour in our life. Sometimes we require a little bit of change. 
The message that the spirits are giving you today is to embrace that change. 
Embrace the detour. 
You never know what can take place. You may find that the detour will lead you to a place of prosperity. You have everything you need. It is contained within your very existence. It sits within your spirit. The sign will eventually make sense. It usually all comes together at the very end. 
It always comes together at the very end. 

Blessed Be. 

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