Tuesday, May 27, 2014

The Nature of Today's Energy 5/28/2014: Support Towards Being Okay

Music inspires me to write. I think it will aid me in finishing up this weeks entries. 

Christopher Hayes posted a statement on Facebook last week which said,

"If my life was made into a country song I'd ask Reba McEntire to sing it."

This has been stuck in my mind for a while. I have been thinking about the soundtrack of our life. What if we could pick a person or group to sing our song? Who would you pick? Who would it be? What genre of music would the song be labeled under?

Music and lyrics are there to soothe our aching heart. They supply us with support. They can lift us up or bring us down. You relate the song to the situation that has been happening in your life. 

The cards speak of support. They speak of generosity and prosperity. The detour has led us to a new destination. That destination turned into our place of prosperity. What song will you be singing? 

What is playing on your spiritual radio? My song is half bitter sweet and carefree. A crooked smile. It provides me with a little bit of wisdom and disaster. It brings me to a state of "Okay". 
I use to advise those around me to think of a state of perfection. To state that everything is perfect. There were those that stated to me that it was hard. It was hard to see things as perfect when everything was crumbling to the ground. They use to ask how to see the good within the bad. Here is my reply. 

It is not about getting to a state of perfection without going through the grief. R.E.M. states it best when the lead singer states, "Everybody hurts". 

The change is only painful because we are wishing to stay the same. I agree that it can be difficult to change your train of thought from always seeing the worst to only seeing perfection. How about this?
Perfection is the acceptance of the current situation as only good. You are accepting the circumstance of your choice. 

I always tell my students during an important spiritual lesson that they have homework for life. It can be done now or later but it is always going to be part of their journey. It is part of the process and they will always be working on it. 

Your homework for life is to simply get to a state of "Being Okay". If you can achieve this then you will be able to accept the circumstance that has been created. Then you will be able to see the perfection that is presented. 

What does music have to do with this?
Music brings us to a moment of clarity. We associate our experience with another person. When I am mad I play this song or when I am sad I play that song. It helps me think. It brings me back to the start. 
Maybe you need to hear that song today to get you back to a state of "Being Okay". 
Perfection is already there, we simply have to recognize it. 

Blessed Be. 

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